Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"One must learn by doing the thing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty, until you try." - Sophocles

Week 7 (part 1 of 2):

Today started like last week where Mrs. C was reading a book aloud to class. Since the students are now into the story she is reading they seemed to be more interested and attentive. They even comment now as she reads by groaning at gross parts or sighing at sad parts. After reading for a few minutes, she switched over to The Giver, which they are reading as a class. She told the when they started the book that they would have a quiz each class, so she could make sure they understood. Regardless of her warning from day one, students grunted and groaned about the quiz. They shouted things like, “What we have a quiz?!” and were not at all thrilled they were being tested. This quiz was on chapters one through three and she spent a great deal of time reviewing before she administered the quiz.

I got to give the quiz!! Now this doesn’t seem that big, but it seemed like she was giving me some responsibility, so it felt like progress. I had to read each question out loud to them, several times. I had to gage when they were ready to move on and then proceed with the next question. It was a good experience for me! Next she asked if they wanted to listen to the tape again or read loud. She had them put their heads down and vote, but since it was a tie she ended up flipping a coin. They decided to read aloud this class and go back to the tape the next day. We read aloud chapter four, taking turns on who would read. A few times kids just jumped in one after another, until it turned into a competition and we had to go back to calling on them. I like that everyone takes turns reading and is into getting through the chapter. By being active in the reading, they seem to be more engaged and interested.

In the next period, the students started with partner quizzing on the Greek gods/goddess worksheet they made. It was a great way for them to look over the material. I even walked around and quizzed some students to help keep them on task and even pushed them to go deeper into the story of certain characters. Next they began working on their DOL which was focused on, your/you’re and their/there/they’re. It was about myths again so the students were working on their grammar as well as reviewing for the upcoming test. I thought that was a good way to make the content they are learning applicable to other aspects of English. Next, they continued working on the myths they had started last class. They had to create their own version of a Greek myth. I thought it was a really fun way for the students to understand and relate to the myths they were reading. They could use the Greek characters or create a totally new story. It let them be as creative as they wanted, but still helped scaffold the students who were less ambitious about writing a story.

At the end of the day, I talked with my mentor teacher about doing a review game on Thursday before the students had their test on Friday. She loved my idea and told me she was excited. I’m going to be doing it with another girl, Sarah. Were going to break the room into two groups and make it a competitive and engaging way to review before their exam. We’re both super excited and ready to be in front of a classroom. I’m really anxious but ready to teach a lesson. I have heard so much theory; I want to actually feel what it’s like to teach a class. I can’t wait to actually be the teacher on Thursday! JWish us luck!!

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