Saturday, November 24, 2012

Group Leadership Project: Part B - Storyboard and Script

For our group leadership storyboard and scripting, we decided to use Google Presentation. Since we're doing out topic on the various Google features, we decided this would be an appropriate way to get our ideas across. We also used Google Hangout to talk as we worked collaboratively on the storyboard. Since we were able to pull the document into the Hangout it was an effective way for us to get the assignment done and plan out our presentation. We knew which part each person was going to work on, but it still took us about two hours to talk, map it out, and get the information written down.

For the storyboard, we put both images and text on each slide. We used real pictures and screenshots to serve as our sketches, then put our script in the notes section of each slide. We used the medium speed fade transition to make the presentation cohesive and so each slide flowed together. We didn't use any specific special effects or sound effects. We are going to narrate the presentation, so we want that to be the focus. We also felt since we had so many images, it would be overwhelming to add too much.

My section of the storyboard included the section on Google Presentation. I gave a basic overview of what the purpose of Google Presentation is, but then also pulled some tools I thought would be the most beneficial. I looked at ways to format the layout and theme, which is a big part of making a presentation. I also showed how it is possible to add images, text, and links. Then finally, I explained how easy it is to add YouTube videos right into the presentation.

For the final presentation, we will using the Google Presentation we created. After discussing the each section we want to cover, one person will do a voice over narration using the script we created in the notes section. We decided having one person speak will make the presentation seem more cohesive and consistent. The final presentation will be done in with a screencasting program and will be posted on YouTube. 

The final presentation will be done using the Google Presentation we created. After discussing all the pieces at length, one person will do a voice over narration using the script (found in the notes section) to create a smooth and consistent presentation. The final presentation will be recorded as a screencast, but posted on YouTube. Our storyboard can be found by clicking on the link below.

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Miztech said...

Great evidence of team work here. Looks like quite a bit was accomplished.