Saturday, February 2, 2013

Student Understanding Interview (Module 2.1)

Another semester, two more grad classes! Here I am for another fun-filled semester in MSU's Master's in Educational Technology Program :) So far things have been going well and I am excited to enhance my technology and teaching skills.

For my CEP 800 class, I've learning about student understanding. Our task was to create an interview where we asked students about a certain topic, so we were able to gauge their understanding. I chose to ask students about leadership, since that's the theme of Senior English. I had fun interviewing multiple students and getting their take on leadership. Originally I interviewed four different students and was going to choose and edit different clips. However, when I went to edit my project, some of the audio had been deleted (one of the joys of technology)! So instead I went with the two interviews I had full audio of. I think they still give a pretty accurate view of my student's understanding of leadership. You can click on the interview link below to hear the interview and my analysis of the experience.


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