Friday, October 26, 2012

A Funny Thing That Happened With Technology

So I finally have started CEP 812! I'm a little anxious because I finally feel I'm going to work with things I've never seen before. I'm also nervous because I'm teaching full time, nanny-ing a few days a week after school, and taking CEP 811. I have a full workload and am currently a little overwhelmed. I'm excited to use these technologies in my classroom with my students and make all this work feel like it's paying off!

For my first 812 assignment, I had to create a podcast. I've never actually made a podcast by it's exact definition. I have made videos, Jings, and Screencasts, so I'm familiar with the idea of recording my voice. I downloaded Audacity onto my computer, which I found extremely easy to use.

I had to write about a funny time with technology. This clip is about a time when I was doing a 1920's webquest with my students and the term "petting party" was inquired about.

This is my first ever podcast! Enjoy :)

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